If you or a loved one is recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, our
highly skilled medical team of caregivers at Nationwide Healthcare will
create a safe, supportive, and professional environment in your home. Many
therapies can be provided at home to speed recovery from illness, injury or
surgery, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech
therapy. All therapy services are provided by therapists and therapy
assistants licensed by the State of Ohio. Therapy visits are performed in
the home eliminating the need for client to be transported for their visits.
Physician may order therapy in the home to assist the client to regain
function at their maximum functional level and communication skills. In-home
therapy allows individuals to develop or regain independence with therapy in
a convenient and comfortable setting. Your therapist will provide specific
information about the services and treatments you will receive. Our
therapists customize a rehabilitation program around the individual needs of
each client. Our staff includes Physical Therapists, Occupational
Therapists, Speech Therapists.

Families are also able to be closely involved in the rehabilitation

Therapy plays an important role in helping an individual regain independence
and our therapists are often a critical part of the health care team.