Home health assistanceIn addition to the skilled nursing visit your physician may order home health aide service. The home health aides assist you with tasks needed to regain your independence and become as self-sufficient as possible. You are required to need assistance with personal care in order to receive home making services.

Home Health Aide is a person who carries out part-time healthcare tasks in a patient’s home under the supervision of the registered nurse, physical therapist, or speech therapist. Duties of the home health aide will be part of the plan of care, an aide may also provide assistance with personal hygiene, housekeeping and other related supportive tasks.

A home health aide provides services that are ordered by the physician in the plan of care and that the aide is permitted to perform under state law. The duties of a home health aide include the provision of hands-on personal care, performance of simple procedures as an extension of therapy or nursing services, assistance in ambulation or exercises, and assistance in administering medications that are ordinarily self-administered.

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